Saturday, January 12, 2013

Taken for Granted

The taken for granted use of gasoline, heating oils and harnessing of The Geysers located near Geyserville, CA have long been a marvel in my thinking.  Natural gas exploding from the earth just a few miles from our Colo. farm and created new vision and opened wider fields of possible sources of ‘cheap’ energy.  Great power to be harnessed.

As I lay in the hospital bed after the birth of my first child, I scanned an article in ‘Life’ mag. about a young calf born in New England, but fathered by an Argentine bull.  I challenged by obstetrician wondering why our medical profession being behind the times.  He was a bit nonplussed.

Candle-making a lost art?  Not so, but a useful one.  Coleman lanterns most useful but requiring gasoline and some expertise.

Small stoves become popular as kerosene could be used in hot weather as a fuel rather than coal or wood.  Much comfort resulted.

One invention we have all profited from is the rubber tired vehicles.  To travel on wheels with iron rims rather than inflated rubber or pneumatic tires.  Consider our athletic shoes we love.

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