Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Open House

“Bed and Breakfast” may be a relatively new term.  Yet we did not consider our week-end guests as a source of profit.  Rather they were easily entertained and our two daughters were more than cooperative.  We felt we should willingly share our home with some of the Vandenburg fellows who yearned for some family life.  Here there were few rules and considerable freedom.

No extravagant meals were served, no beds to make – nor any provided, and no alcohol was allowed.  Our girls and at times another girl or two provided companionship.  Our small dog was always eager to take a walk.  Table games and croquet allowed competition.

One young fellow, a Catholic, entered the front door by exclaiming, “God Bless this home.”  Another had some talent for painting and registered in an art class at Hancock.  There were many discussions and takes of home life in Idaho or Pennysylvania.

On Sunday morning Mom and Dad dressed quietly, tip-toed into the kitchen, and ate a light meal.  The sleeping-bag forms on the living room floor were not disturbed as we stepped over and around them.  We drove away to attend a Bible Class and for Choir practice – After an hour and a half Dad drove home to pick up his passengers.

It is fair to say that it was a fairly profitable venture as the two most regular became members of the family.  We have been provided with four grandaughters and two grandsons.  As of yet non has joined the armed forces, but Lisa will be commissioned as a Navy nurse in December

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