Monday, February 18, 2013

Cowboy Pat

It was during my teaching year on a Wyoming homestead that I became acquainted with Pat.  He was definitely not the type of person a young teacher would consider her ‘dream boat’, but he was well behaved and more than willing to serve as an escort.  The teacher who lived at the next school knew him from the previous year.

When Miss Van developed a chest cold and really needed a caring companion, Pat was there and rubbed some Mentholatum on her chest.  He felt it was neighborly, Im sure.

When Pat was in our area he made himself useful by getting in the kindling for our stoves or supplying water.  In addition he often had some interesting news.  We had no telephones or newspapers so we were eager to know about the other teachers and their families.

At times Pat used a wrong word in expressing his opinions.  I was really impressed when he spoke of ‘compensition’ while meaning competition.

I have no knowledge of Pat’s home base, but in that Godforsaken no man’s land we were pleased to have him as a friend.  I trust that somewhere there was a haven for that well meaning, but unpolished member of the human race.

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